We are offering a variety of physio run mat classes that incorporate both the principles of physio rehabilitation exercises and pilates. Why is this better than an ordinary pilates class? Well as physiotherapists we are experts at understanding what your body needs, whether you are looking to fix an injury and prevent it from returning or just become fitter, stronger and healthier!

  • Classes are small groups of up to 4

  • Close supervision and tailoring to your individual needs.

  • Mat classes  involving the use of fit balls, resistance bands, light weights and your own body weight. 

  • Even better the classes are affordable and claimable on your private health fund.


Physio Pilates

A combination of physiotherapy exercise principles and traditional pilates principles makes for a very functional and effective class. If you want to tone, build strength and endurance in all muscle groups this is the one for you!

Physio Gym Sessions

A 1hr session with max 3 participants, all performing their own personalised programs setup by their physio. Close supervision by the physio ensuring results of established functional goals.